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Wyoming - Montana Safety Council
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- ARSC/Basic Orientation Plus Training
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The Wyoming-Montana Safety Council (WMSC) is established as a non-profit corporation to reduce human and economic loss by educating Wyoming and Montana businesses and individuals about safety and health.

National Safety CouncilWMSC is the Wyoming and Montana chapter of the National Safety Council and its revenues are derived primarily from program registration fees and membership dues.


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February Safety Calendar
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Safety Courses

WMSC offers safety programs for individuals, companies, and instructors.


Some of the courses we offer are:

10 hour OSHA Training

Bloodborne Pathogens

Road Smart

Defensive Driving Course


Confined Space


Zone Control

Fire Extinguisher

Fit Testing
OSHA requires respirator fit testing.


Fire Watch/Hole Watch

Basic Orientation Plus

Refinery Training

SafeLand USA Orientation

Safety Audits

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